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Wedding Memorial Candles, Memory Candles and Memorial Candles

Your wedding day is a joyous time when the people who matter most to you come together to send you off on an exciting new stage of life. Many times, however, some of those who are important to us have passed on and are sadly missed at the celebration. That does not mean they are forgotten or left out. Include the memory of a loved one in your wedding with a personalized memorial candle or a personalized flower vase. They are a touching way to acknowledge and honor grandparents, parents, friends or others who are not with us.

Personalized Memorial Candle Set
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Sale price: $33.74
Personalized Wedding Memorial Bud Vase
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Sale price: $18.74
Garden of Memories Personalized Memorial Vase
Regular price: $24.99
Sale price: $18.74

Wedding Memorial Candles and Memory Candles

Our memorial candle set includes a six-inch candle banded with a ribbon and a stand. You have a wide selection of options for personalizing your memorial candle. Choose from two colors of candles, eight colors of ink, four colors of ribbon and gold or silver stand. The memorial candle can accommodate up to three names and is hand-printed with the phrase "In loving memory of [name] who is/are present in our hearts." We adjust the wording to make it grammatically correct for multiple names.

Memorial candles can be incorporated into your wedding ceremony in several beautiful ways. Some use them as part of their unity candle ceremony, while others choose to say a few words or light the candle during the ceremony as a form of remembrance. Other may decide to have the candle burning throughout the ceremony as a constant presence.

Another way to honor an absent loved one is with a personalized memorial flower vase. Our personalized bud vase is 7.5 inches tall and carries the same inscription as the memorial candle above, in your choice of ink color. The Garden of Memories personalized memorial vase is 7.25 inches tall and 2.5 inches in diameter, to hold a bouquet of flowers. It can also be personalized with up to three names, like the other memorial items here.

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